Warrior 1

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Virabhadrasana A
This pose gets its name from the warrior Virabhadra who was created by Siva by tearing a lock from his matted hair.

1. From downward dog ( Adho Mukkha Svanasana ), turn the left heel in and bring the right foot forward between the hands.
2. Ground the outer edge of the back foot, come up on the finger tips and lift the chin to broaden the chest.
3. Inhale, don’t push of the hands, instead come up by using strong legs and drawing in below the navel.
4. Raise the arms up to the ceiling, palms either together or apart depending on openness in the shoulders, sitting above the heart centre.
5. Square the chest to the front, the pelvis will be at about 30 degrees.
6. Switch on the legs by externally rotating both the heads of the femur bones. This will keep the back foot anchored and stop the front knee from falling in.
7. From here, one can lift up out of the pelvis, extending in the side waist while keeping the shoulder blades drawing down the back as the fingers reach for the sky.
8. Head back looking at the nose tip while the minds eye looks in to remain vigilant with keeping fully integrated and checking all the adjustments needed to evolve and find softness within.
9. Keep the breathing soft and steady.
10. Watch the bottom ribs don’t push forward, instead they draw down as the heart lifts.
11. Check the weight on the front foot is evenly placed.
12. Inhale straighten the front leg and turn for the other side.

IN this pose the chest is fully expanded and this helps deep breathing. It relieves stiffness in the shoulders and back, tones up the ankles and knees while curing stiffness of the neck. It also reduces fat around the hips.