Both Big Toe Posture

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Ubhaya Padangusthasana:
Ubhaya means both, Padangustha is the big toe.

1. Begin laying flat on the back with two straight legs, arms down by the side with the palms facing down.
2. At the last part of the exhale, lift the legs off the ground, then inhale, take the legs over head together, zipped up and switched on.
3. Take the big toes with the pistol grip ( first two fingers wrap from the inside of the big toe and the thump presses on the nail of the second finger.
4. You’re now in a Halasana position, resting on the shoulders with a firm grip on the toes, with strong, straight legs while focus is on the breath.
5. With attention of engaged bandhas ( internal energy locks ) inhale and role up to balance on the sit bones.
6. Lift the heart, keep drawing in below the navel ( Uddihyana Bandha ) and pelvic floor muscles ( Mula Bandha ).
7. Strong, straight legs, pushing out through the ball of the foot, toe’s spreading.
8. Remember the opposites, Prana & Apana, as well as pushing out through the ball of the foot, pull back with the fingers, drawing the shoulders back and down away from the ears to counter. The heads of the femur bones ( tops of the thighs ) are externally rotating to counter the inward energy through the base of big toe.
9. From the transverse abdominas, feel the energy spread down the inner legs to keep the feet pressing evenly up and away.
10. Head back and look down the nose.
11. As you take the head back, one will notice that solid focus is needed to keep the balance on the sit bones. Heart lifts, not the shoulders.
12. Collar bones broad, chest expanding.
13. Come back to the breath and soften.
14. Stay in the pose for a good 8-10 breaths.
15. Its important to learn the finer details in class and have a watchful eye over your practice. 🙂


This pose brings balance and poise. The legs stretch fully which makes the thighs and calves shapely. The benefits are the same as Paschimottanasana ( seated forward bend ) and in addition prevents hernia and relieves severe backaches.
It also strengthens your abdominals and genital organs . Improves digestion and enhances digesting capabilities. Reduces burning sensation while urinating. Induces flexibility in your whole body.
B.K.S Iyengar