About Yoga Benefits Gold Coast

Yoga Benefits in Miami not only offers Yoga classes, but what really sets us apart is our holistic approach to teaching and community. Our focus is quality, not quantity. Paul Chambers, the head instructor and studio owner is an avid believer in the real science behind Yoga, and as such treats his studio as a fun, interactive, classroom where he openly shares everything he has learned with over 2000 hours of training. We believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone. See our full list of yoga classes and descriptions here.

Specialised classes

Yoga Benefits Miami studio also specialises in teaching Pranayama, dedicated breathing control classes, among many other specialty Yoga classes available through our studio. We teach all levels of age and fitness, from people who have never stepped foot inside a Yoga Studio, to seasoned Yoga practitioners. We pride ourselves on our friendly and positive teaching style, with a focus on making everyone feel welcome. All yoga mats are provided, and there is plenty of parking. Have a look at our First Yoga Class Checklist to see what you can expect and what to bring with you!

A unique and personal yoga experience where everyone is welcome.

We have worked hard to create an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, and that is really the basis of our studio. We do not focus on or subscribe to a particular religious or ideological philosophy, but instead we support a process that helps everyone get what they individually need out of each class. We focus on bringing an open heart and spirit to each session, where the focus is feeling better when you leave than when you arrived. Have a look through the yoga classes we offer or sign up for a yoga class online. We look forward to spending time with you.