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Setu Bandhasana

Setu Bandhasana: Setu bandha means the construction of a bridge, the whole body forms and arch and is supported at one end by the crown of the head and at the other on the feet. 1. Lay flat on the back, legs together with the arms down by the side, palms facing down. 2. Bring…

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Pindasana: Pinda means an embryo or foetus, this posture resembles that of an embryo in the womb, hence the name. 1. Continuing to the next variation in the shoulderstand sequence, from Upward Facing Lotus ( Urdhva Padmasana ), the crossed lotus legs fold down at the hips towards the head. 2. Release the hands from…

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Upward Lotus in Shoulderstand

Urdhva Padmasana: Urdhva means facing or high and Padma is a lotus. 1. Continuing on from the previous blog, Karnapidasana ( Deaf Ear pose ), the legs return to the original shoulderstand form ( legs extending up ) as the arms again support the back. 2. Take the right leg into half lotus then cross…

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