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Both Big Toe Posture

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Ubhaya Padangusthasana: Ubhaya means both, Padangustha is the big toe. 1. Begin laying flat on the back with two straight legs, arms down by the side with the palms facing down. 2. At the last part of the exhale, lift the legs off the ground, then inhale, take the legs over head together, zipped up…

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My ” Favourite ” Standing Pose

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Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana: Utthita means extended, Hasta is the hand and Padangustha is the big toe. 1. Standing in Samasthitih ( mountain pose ), inhale right leg up holding the big toe with pistol grip ( middle & index finger ). Arm outside the knee when taking the toe. 2. Roll hip open and back…

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Cobblers Pose

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Baddha Konasana: Baddha means bound or restrained and Kona is an angle. This is how Indian cobblers sit. 1. Start by sitting with two straight legs out front. 2. Bend the knees to the side and bring the soles of the feet together towards the perineum. 3. If you’re a little stiff, then sit up…

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Warrior 1

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Virabhadrasana A This pose gets its name from the warrior Virabhadra who was created by Siva by tearing a lock from his matted hair. 1. From downward dog ( Adho Mukkha Svanasana ), turn the left heel in and bring the right foot forward between the hands. 2. Ground the outer edge of the back…

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Setu Bandhasana

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Setu Bandhasana: Setu bandha means the construction of a bridge, the whole body forms and arch and is supported at one end by the crown of the head and at the other on the feet. 1. Lay flat on the back, legs together with the arms down by the side, palms facing down. 2. Bring…

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Simple Locust Pose

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Simple Salabhasana: ( Locust Pose ) Salabha means a locust and is meant to represent a locust resting on the ground. 1. Lie on the floor at full length, resting on the forehead with the arms stretched back, palms facing the ceiling. 2. When beginning, the legs can be hip distance apart. 3. Exhale, lift…

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Pindasana: Pinda means an embryo or foetus, this posture resembles that of an embryo in the womb, hence the name. 1. Continuing to the next variation in the shoulderstand sequence, from Upward Facing Lotus ( Urdhva Padmasana ), the crossed lotus legs fold down at the hips towards the head. 2. Release the hands from…

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Upward Lotus in Shoulderstand

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Urdhva Padmasana: Urdhva means facing or high and Padma is a lotus. 1. Continuing on from the previous blog, Karnapidasana ( Deaf Ear pose ), the legs return to the original shoulderstand form ( legs extending up ) as the arms again support the back. 2. Take the right leg into half lotus then cross…

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Plough Pose

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Halasana: Hala means a plough, the shape of which this posture resembles. Its part of the Shoulderstand ( Savangasana ) sequence. 1. From the original form of shoulderstand ( see previous blog post ), lower the legs down over the head with the tops of the feet, toes pointing away. 2. Release the hands from…

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Shoulder Stand

560 315 Yoga Benefits Gold Coast

Salamba Sarvangasana: Alamba means support, Sarvanga ( Sarva is all or whole and Anga is limb ) meaning the entire body or all limbs. The whole body benefits from the support of the pose. 1. Lay flat on your back with the legs actively together with the arms by the side with the palms facing…

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