What people are saying about Yoga Benefits

Yoga Benefits is absolutely awesome and it’s owner, Paul Chambers has a teaching gift! Im so grateful to have finally found a yoga teacher on the Gold Coast who has true in depth knowledge of the subject, who walks the talk and isn’t all about the glamour of the health and wellness industry! Paul has created an immaculate, welcoming and inclusive environment in his studio. With small group classes you are definitely NOT just a number and you will NOT leave wondering where you are at with your technique. Paul will personally guide you and correct any old bad habits so you can take your practice to the next level for you… be that beginner or advanced! (As an ex gymnast and physiotherapist, I know how essential it is to receive individual attention if you want real improvements and benefits). Please don’t waste your time going through the yoga motions unchecked … Go to Yoga Benefits!

Nicky Hackett

If you’re looking for pure and authentic Yoga, then Yoga Benefits is the spot. Paul not only has extensive knowledge, but his passion for sharing that knowledge makes him an excellent teacher, the calibre of which are not common. I am a Yoga teacher and I am so glad I found Yoga Benefits because it is a place where I can continue to learn and grow. But no matter where you are, teacher or total newbie, Paul can set you on a clear and positive path.

Emily Corinne

“Paul, as my teacher, you have taught me that yoga is so much more than flexibility, and how the all round benefits of yoga can change not only my physical health, but how I can live my life with more clarity and direction. Your ability to breakdown instruction in a fun way people can understand, meant that before moving into a position, I first understood how and why, thereby protecting the integrity of the pose. I am now more aware of my core muscles and how to activate them through each transition in order to provide strength and prevent injury. The Pranayama grounding, you provided, also helped me to move into each pose with a more controlled breath. I particularly enjoyed your double classes of Pranayama and Asana; the poses seem to flow so much easier when I practice Pranayama beforehand. Your sincere patience and guidance has now helped me to maintain a regular self-practice with confidence. Thank you for teaching me how ‘Yoga Benefits’ my life.”

Meg Ripepi

“I started Yoga with Paul in 2011 the journey has had many experiences getting to know my body, learning to trust, some fun, confidence, flexibility and an appreciation for Yoga that is now part of my life. When I started I could not squat but my body has come along way and I can now participate in Ashtanga Style Yoga,(Asana) I also have developed an understanding of the benefits of yogic breathing (Pranayama) which has resulted in a consistent daily practice. Along the way I have also gathered some knowledge of yoga philosophy. All of the experience and benefits have been guided by Paul in an understanding and considered manner. Paul is strong, encouraging, thorough and at the same time gentle. Paul knows me well and at all times encouraged and expected me to be the best I could on that day. Paul has done some very good training and always shared his learnings on return to teaching. Paul and I often said that each day we are just beginners so if you are just beginning or continuing your yoga journey I wish you enjoyment and the benefits of Paul’s commitment to all students.”


“Paul, I would love to say something about my experience so far with your yoga practices. I am proud to say that I have totally embraced yoga and I am enjoying the positive benefits that have come from it. I never thought I had the right body shape or fitness to successfully do yoga, but I am here to tell you that it is achievable and is now part of my daily routine. My mind is clearer and I am more aware what is going on in my body. I really look forward to my practice twice a week with Paul. He is always so positive and approachable and is full of knowledge and encouragement. I am very grateful to him for his wisdom and sense of humour.”


“Paul Chambers from Yoga Benefits has made a significant improvement and impact on my life and I thoroughly recommend to all . I am a 50 y.o. Old male surgeon and active sportsman competing in 10 day adventure races and mountain bike races like the 1200km “Croc Trophy”. I mention this not to impress but to emphasize that I am the classic person suspicious of yoga as a touchy feelie girls activity. It is not and it is really making a difference to me . Any age, any stage give it a go.”

Dr. Andrew Graham

“Being a global gypsy, I have experienced yoga studios in several countries. To “find” Paul Chambers’ studio at Miami on the Gold Coast Australia, has been a unique experience. It is the first time I’ve ever had the philosophy of yoga explained, including the effects of the breath on my organs and the domino effect within my body. Paul’s passion and experience with the Masters in India comes through. I feel I’m walking into more than a yoga studio; a spiritual place with like minded people.”


“Paul Chambers of Yoga Benefits Gold Coast is the best yoga teacher I have ever had the privilege of knowing, learning from and practicing with.

I first met Paul when he was teaching in Cairns in 2009 and continued to do so until 2011. Before I met Paul I had practiced yoga for many years, on and off and different styles. I had always gravitated to yoga due to my “hyper mobility”, (yes I am that bendy person you typically find at a yoga class), yet little did I know that hyper extending my joints in yoga Asanas, without any mindfulness or strength, was sending me down a slippery slope to an injury. No one had ever brought this to my attention, in fact I was encouraged to “bend” as much as possible. Paul was the only yoga teacher who was mindful of this and took great care to assist me to focus on building strength and showing me the correct way rather than concentrating on just the flexibility.

Paul also introduced me to other teachings of yoga life through both pranayama and meditation, life tools that I am truly grateful for and still utilise to this day. These intrinsic aspects of yoga were never taught in other yoga classes I attended.

After moving from Cairns I lived in the UK for a few years and then moved to the US however I am yet to find another yoga teacher that compares to Paul’s knowledge, passion and devotion to yoga.

I have no doubt you will find Paul’s classes interesting, inclusive for all levels, centering and most importantly fun! Paul’s easy nature will no doubt have you smiling in what you thought was a ‘serious pose’ and it will change your world as you know it, for the best of course! :)”

Om Shanti… X
Rachel Simpson, Missouri, USA.